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 * s3dfm.h
 * Copyright (C) 2004-2008 Simon Wunderlich <dotslash@packetmixer.de>
 * This file is part of s3dfm, a s3d file manager.
 * See http://s3d.berlios.de/ for more updates.
 * s3dfm is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * s3dfm is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with s3dfm; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA

#include <s3d.h>
#include <s3dw.h>
#include <stdlib.h>  /* uintXX_t */
#include <config-s3d.h>

#define S3DFMUNUSED(x) (x)__attribute__((unused))
#elif defined(UNUSEDPARAM_OMIT)
#define S3DFMUNUSED(x) /* x */
#define S3DFMUNUSED(x) x

#define T_DUNO  0
#define T_FOLDER 1
#define T_TYPENUM 2

#define M_DIR  512
#define M_NAME  256

/* total height of the block */
#define BOXHEIGHT 1.2
#define BHP   1.001
#define BHH   BOXHEIGHT+0.001
/* how much should detached dirs move away from parent block */
#define DETHEIGHT 0.3

/* maximum size of the animation stack */
#define MAXANI  1024
#define ZOOMS   10
/* zoomspeed */

struct _t_node {
      char     name[M_NAME];      /* name (e.g. file name) */
      struct _t_node  *parent;       /* parent node */
      struct _t_node  **sub;        /* list of nodes  (if it's a subdir)*/
      int     n_sub;        /* number of nodes in list ( = -1 for normal or not-expanded files) */
      int     dirs_opened;      /* how many dirs are opened/displayed */
      float     px , py , pz , scale;  /* state after animation */
      float     dpx, dpy, dpz, dscale; /* current state in animation */
      int     type;        /* type, determined by extension or file type like dir, pipe, link etc */
      int     disp;        /* the type of how the node is displayed currently */
#define D_NONE  0
#define D_ICON  1
#define D_DIR  2
      int     parsed, detached;    /* Flags for parsed/detached (selected) nodes ... */
      int     oid;        /* main oid, e.g the block or icons oid */
      int     pindex;       /* the index in parents structure */
      struct     {
            /* some objects which might be used ... if not, should be -1 */
            int    close, select, title, titlestr; /* box decorations. */
            int    str;        /* the name of the nodeas s3d object */
            float   strlen;       /* the length of this string */

      }      objs;
      int     check;           /* check marker, for internal things */
struct _t_file {
      char *name;
      int size, state;
      struct _t_node *anode;
enum {
      STATE_NONE,   /* nothing happned */
      STATE_INUSE,   /* currently processing */
      STATE_FINISHED,  /* file operation finished */
      STATE_CLEANED  /* cleaned (e.g. reordered the item */
struct _filelist {
      struct _t_file *p;
      int n;
struct fs_error {
      int err, state;
      char *message, *file;
enum {
      /* TODO: more states should be added and handed back to the filesystem processor, like
       * skip, abort, retry ... */
typedef struct _filelist filelist;
typedef struct _t_node   t_node;
typedef struct _t_file  t_file;

extern t_node root, cam; /* some global objects */
extern t_node *focus; /* the focused object */
extern int typeinput;
extern struct fs_error fs_err;

enum {

extern int fs_lock;

/* animation.c */
int    ani_onstack(t_node *f);
void    ani_add(t_node *f);
void    ani_del(int i);
void    ani_doit(t_node *f);
void    ani_finish(t_node *f, int i);
void    ani_iterate(t_node *f);
int    ani_check(t_node *f);
void    ani_mate(void);
/* box.c */
void    box_draw(t_node *dir);
void     box_draw_icons(t_node *dir);
int    box_undisplay(t_node *dir);
void     box_order_icons(t_node *dir);
void    box_sidelabel(t_node *dir);
int    box_buildblock(t_node *dir);
void    box_order_subdirs(t_node *dir);
int    box_expand(t_node *dir);
int    box_unexpand(t_node *dir);
int    box_close(t_node *dir, int force);
void    box_focus_color(t_node *dir, int on);
/* dialog.c */
void   close_win(s3dw_widget *button);
void   window_help(void);
void    window_fs(s3dw_widget *button);
void   window_fs_another(void);
void   window_fs_nothing(void);
void   window_fs_errno(const char *errmsg);
void   window_fs_abort(s3dw_widget *button);
void   window_copy(const char *path);
void   window_fs_mkdir(s3dw_widget *button);
void   window_mkdir(const char *path);
void   window_move(const char *path);
void   window_info(char *path);
void   window_fsani(void);
void    window_unlink(void);
/* event.c */
int    event_click(struct s3d_evt *evt);
int    event_key(struct s3d_evt *evt);
int    event_oinfo(struct s3d_evt *hrmz);
/* focus.c */
void    focus_by_key(int keysym);
float   focus_get_scale(t_node *f);
void    focus_set(t_node *f);
/* fs.c */
filelist  *fl_new(char *path);
void   fl_del(filelist *fl);
void    fs_fl_approx(filelist *fl, int *files, int *dirs, int *bytes);
int    fs_fl_copy(filelist *fl, const char *dest);
int    fs_fl_move(filelist *fl, const char *dest);
int    fs_fl_unlink(filelist *fl);
void    fs_approx(char *source, int *files, int *dirs, int *bytes);
int    fs_copy(char *source, char *dest);
int    fs_move(char *source, char *dest);
int    fs_unlink(char *dest);
int    fs_error(const char *message, char *file);
/* icon.c */
int    icon_draw(t_node *dir);
int    icon_undisplay(t_node *dir);
void    icon_focus_color(t_node *dir, int on);
/* node.c */
t_node   *node_getbypath(const char *path);
void    node_path(t_node *dir, char *path);
t_node   *node_getbyoid(t_node *t, int oid);
int    node_init(t_node *dir);
int    node_delete(t_node *dir);
int    node_undisplay(t_node *dir);
void   node_select(t_node *dir);
void    node_focus_color(t_node *node, int on);
t_node  *node_getdir(t_node *node);
/* parse.c */
int    parse_dir(t_node *dir);
/* string.c */
void   dotted_int(char *s, unsigned int i);
char   *dots_at_start(char *str, unsigned int n, t_node *d);
char  *mstrncat(char *dest, const char *src, int n);
char  *mstrncpy(char *dest, const char *src, int n);
/* fly.c */
int    fly_set_absolute_position(t_node *node);
t_node   *fly_create_anode(t_node *node);

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